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Brake Parts Inc’s David Overbeeke Honored With Inaugural United Way Trailblazer Award via @Aftermarket Intel

In this training video, we show you how to clean a caliper bracket using the two most common methods: a wire brush/file and a sandblasting cabinet. We will show you what the caliper looks like after each...

Net income after tax for Q2 totalled SEK 61 (10) m and earnings per share for Q2 totalled SEK 1.37 (0.22). The corresponding figures for the first six months of the year were SEK 119 (39) m for net income after tax and SEK 2.69 (0.86) for earnings per share. #HaldexQ218

RANGE UPDATE - Brake pads for the new #HyundaiSantaFe
As a premium brand, #Textar offers one of the widest product ranges on the market, covering the vast majority of vehicles around the world.
For details on our #RangeUpdates, please visit

Operating income totalled SEK 103 (31) m for Q2 and SEK 193 (68) m for the first six months of the year, which corresponds to an operating margin of 7.5 (2.6) per cent for Q2 and 7.3 (2.9) per cent for the first six months of the year. #HaldexQ218

Did you know that our new Green Coat technology for CV brake pads provide the ability to shorten the braking distance by 3 metres at speeds from 50 to 0 kph during the breaking-in of newly installed pads. #newtechnology #settingnewstandards

Looking for more information on major markets such as #Friction Materials, #Metallurgy, #Polymers, #Ceramics and more? We have developed useful information about our technologies & products. Check out the #Library section of our website for more! →

Haldex Interim Report, January - June 2018: Continued improved market conditions results in higher margins. Full report at #HaldexQ218

We have a vacancy for an experienced Business Development Assistant at our HQ in Northampton. Ideal candidates must have an aspiration to develop product knowledge in a fast-paced and innovative company, and enjoy customer contact. For full details visit

#BlackFalconTeam #TMDFriction celebrated two class victories at the #VLN 4 race at #Nürburgring last weekend. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 as well as the Porsche 981 Cayman both crossed the finish line as winners in their class. Congratulations to a successful VLN weekend!

Higher net sales contributed to a higher operating margin and higher earnings per share. However, large investments in R&D and increased costs to meet production increases in China had a negative impact on income. #HaldexQ218

Skilling India: The manufacturing industry has been vocal about challenges that it faces due to a skills gap. So, what steps are being taken by #WABCOIndia to attract top talent?

CFO: The gross margin is slightly better than Q1. When meeting the higher demands it put pressure on the supply chain and thus the gross margin. #HaldexQ218

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, join us on our journey to today by visiting

In this excerpt from #TruckTalk with Bendix, Henry Foxx discusses the importance of knowing the differences between #remanufacturing and rebuilding when considering #aftermarket parts.

Andreas Larsson has been appointed CFO. Andreas Ekberg, acting CFO, will remain in the role until Andreas Larsson has joined, December 31, 2018, at the latest. #HaldexQ218

#WagnerQS brake pads are 100% post-cured, ensuring even friction performance throughout their lifespan. Learn more: #WagnerBrake

#WABCO Reports Q2 2018 Results; Continues to Outperform Global Commercial Vehicle Market; Sequentially Delivers Another $1 Billion in Quarterly Sales ➡️

Performance creates trust! Numerous partners and teams in the most varied race series around the world are enjoying success with #PAGIDRacing Brake Performance. Find out more about our success story: #racing #brakes

We're going to every extreme to deliver the uptime that your trucking operation demands. The strength of our commitment extends to our Meritor lineup of complete aftermarket parts. #MakeItMeritor #MeritorMade #RWTB

Starting to get excited about @automechanika_ - lots of preview copy being submitted. Looking forward to sharing our plans for the exhibition with you shortly. #automechanika #frankfurt #newtechnology

Engineered for maximum braking performance and easier installation. Learn more about Wagner rotors: #WagnerBrake

Cash flow from operating activities totalled SEK 65 (39) m for Q2 and SEK 1 (58) m for the first six months of the year. #HaldexQ218

Haldex Q2 webcast. Follow meeting or view recording at #HaldexQ2

CEO: In six months we have trippled the production capacity in China. #HaldexQ218

A: The brake adjuster is replaced by the disc brake so that's the area where we will build up capacity. #HaldexQ218

CEO: We have had growth in all regions with the most significant growth in China. #HaldexQ218

A: We will build upp a supply chain stepwise in NA. Intially focus on assembly. #HaldexQ218

CEO: The brake adjusters have predominantly grown, especially in China and in NA. #HaldexQ218

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