‘Facts about Friction’ was written by Geoffrey Nicholson.

Geoff had over 50 years of experience manufacturing friction materials. He began his career in 1943 as a lab technician working in the world’s premier friction material research facility in Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire England. After a couple of years in the Royal Air Force Geoff returned to spend the next fifteen years honing the ‘art’ of friction material manufacturing.

A job opportunity brought Geoff and his family to the United States in 1963 to work for a company based in Huntington Indiana. Later Geoff went on to serve 23 years with a major friction material manufacturer headquartered in Winchester, Virginia.

Some of his responsibilities included Plant Manager, Chief Engineer and Director of Manufacturing. Geoff also served as their Chief Liaison for Overseas Ventures dealing with companies in Brazil, Colombia, India and Mexico to name just a few. In 1985 Geoff was one of the first Americans to travel to the Peoples Republic of China to begin joint venture operations in that country.

Geoff retired in 1990 … sort of.

In his ‘retirement’ dozens of companies throughout the world regularly called on Geoff for his advice. For the next five years Geoff, and his wife Doreen, traveled from South America to Asia, from Europe to Australia helping companies perfect their friction material manufacturing processes.

In 1995 Mr. Nicholson published ‘Facts about Friction’. A few people said the information contained in this book was worth it’s weight in gold. At US$635 a copy it wasn’t far off! Now when companies asked Geoff if he could make a visit he would say “You no longer need me. Just buy the book … the answer is in there!”.

Over 1,000 copies were sold worldwide!

With the advance of the internet we are now able to take ‘Facts about Friction’ to the next level. We are proud to openly share Geoff Nicholson’s legacy with the next generation of technicians, formulators and engineers in this unique of all industries.

We hope you find ‘Facts about Friction’ a useful tool.

Facts about Friction is published by Gedoran America Limited –